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Communities in Conversation: all about "Hinterland" BC

Since the early 1990s I've had the pleasure to participate in and collaborate with many people in BC in what I'll call the "conversation about rural and small town, small city development issues." About 7 years ago I started to write a print column called "Development Issues," which morphed into this blog. The focus has always been on the kinds of sustainability and quality of life issues facing communities outside the Lower Mainland.

In recent years this conversation has grown to include a number of researchers and commentators who I sometimes refer to, and always learn from, even if my posts don't reflect the depth of their thinking on the issues. As of the summer of 2010 this Development Issues blog will feature their writings directly, as a way to give voice to some of the best work being done on broadly defined sustainability and quality of life issues in BC's "hinterland" communities.

Your comments on these posts are important to the relevance and liveliness of this conversation. Please use the comment forms. Please circulate and re-post these materials wherever you see permission given.

Generally, I strongly encourage non-commercial sharing of my materials (blogs, fotos, audio, etc);  I only ask that you notify me of these uses here:  (a simple form that gives me some basic info about usage).

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